Historical Fiction:

Run, Cissy, Run published by Total Recall Press in 2015.  Spying is not for the faint of heart, but then when you are surrounded by war, life isn’t either. Growing up as an only child abandoned by her mother and indulged by a doting father, the beautiful Cecilia LaRoque had little respect for her own attainments.  It was not until the outbreak of Civil War and the invasion of her home town by the enemy that she realized that there was something vital and important that she could do.  Her father's shipping empire made him a target for the Union just as his fortune made her a target for the unscrupulous.  Cissy was forced to use all of the strength and cunning she could summons in order to deal with the twin threats and find a safe haven for her heart.

The Man In The Chimney republished in 2016 by Total Recall Press (formerly Muddy Waters.)The War Between the States comes to eastern North Carolina bringing hardships, pillaging, and fear to the local residents.  For those left at home the struggle to procure the needs of daily life is all-consuming.  For those serving in the armies of both North and South death is a daily companion.  Against this backdrop an unlikely and forbidden love affair between a local woman and a Union officer leads to difficult choices---choices that will tear them apart and force them to deal with the abandonment of their dream of a life together.  Despite broken hearts, misunderstandings and missed chances, Penny and Ryan strive to survive the dangers and ravages of war and make the best of their separate futures.  With the surrender of the South at Appomatox, Penny realizes she has one last chance to either find the man she loves or settle for life without him. 

Turbulent Waters republished in 2014 by Total Recall Press (formerly Blue Waters.)  With the end of the Civil War, Penny begins the life she has dreamed of while Marcus must abandon his own dreams, yet fate brings them both life threatening challenges that force them to come to terms with unresolved feelings and guilt. One happy but guilt ridden, the other lovelorn and angry, they face life threatening circumstances that force them to re-examine their goals and feelings as they struggle to find a new life in the aftermath of war. With the Civil War ended, the anticipation of a return to normal life, loves, and wants is quickly scotched by murder, malice, mayhem and maelstrom bringing unforeseen challenges and opportunities.  Like the rest of the south, total societal and economic upheaval, lack of organization and basic structure, roving bands of black and white vigilantes, and rancor permeated North Carolina’s struggle to overcome the many perils every citizen faced.  This book focuses particularly on the aftermath of war in eastern North Carolina, the history of Fort Macon immediately following the war, the efforts to form a new state government, and some of the atrocities that plagued people. 

Cissy: The Intrepid Miss LaRoque publication by Total Recall Press in mid 2016. Jilted by her fiance without a word and surrounded by the aftermath of war, Cissy persuades her father to let her run his shipping business in New Bern while he continues in Wilmington, NC.  With daring, foresight, and unexpected acumen, she is successful beyond her father's dreams.  Despite her confidence in her accomplishments, she is plagued by loneliness and a longing for a man she cannot have.  When fate intervenes, she has one last chance to grasp a future with him.

Contemporary Fiction:

Yesterday's Magnolia publication by Total Recall Press in 2015. “It’s a shame to have so damned much and yet so little.”  An eastern North Carolina farmer’s daughter, Margot, streaks like a comet into the life style of the rich and famous.  Her beauty and exuberant, zestful personality gain her entrance to boardrooms, the White House, a corporate jet stocked with Cristal champagne and caviar, a villa in Italy, and marriage to one of the world’s most powerful men.  Maurice, the spurned suitor, seeks friendship and comfort from Margot’s sister, Jo, a quiet, bookish art history teacher.  Jo envies them both for their ready charm, looks, wealth, glamour, and exciting lives never realizing that it is she who is envied for a life that contains the things that they themselves have not attained.  Like the comets they so resemble both Margot and Maurice are consumed by the friction of life, leaving Jo to remember the magic moments they brought to a more conventional path.